Water Swellable Sealant
Swellstop is a butyl polymer based sealant tape.

Swellstop is a highly versatile, strip-applied waterstop for non-moving concrete joints. Formulated to encapsulate hydrophilic materials into a rubber base, Swellstop creates a controlled, moisture-activated, compression seal.

Swellstop’s structural integrity conforms well to the underlying substrate and exhibits self-healing properties when needed. Unlike many traditional clay-based products, Swellstop will not expand to a point at which the waterstop itself is destroyed.

In-field experience has proven that products, which continually expand, lose much of the structural integrity and can actually erode when subjected to a constant flow of water. Furthermore, the controlled expansion properties engineered into Swellstop, reduce the internal pressures created in cast-in-place applications which can cause spalling in foundations and wall structures.

Swellstop I 20x25mm 5.08M Roll

Swellstop II 10x20mm 7.62M Roll