The ultimate maintenance free concrete joint solution

FinnJoint™ consists of an anodised aluminium extrusion, a hydrophilic rubber gate seal, and nylon fixing tabs. It allows concrete slabs to shrink during curing without cracking, and services expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.


The Hydrophilic Rubber is a water-swelling rubber that expands with moisture creating a perfect seal. It has a very high chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, fuels, mineral oils and organic solvents etc. (something sealants do not have!). The rubber is coated with a material that will break down in concrete after 24-48 hours so as not to expand whilst the concrete is wet.

With a proven track record of over 30 years in Australia as a waterstop material, It is guaranteed to go through wet to dry cycles for 100 years.


Features and Benefits

  •  Allows for joint movement in all directions
  •  Expansion & contraction up to 5 x greater than elastomeric sealants
  •  Provides joint edge protection
  •  Allows up to 20 mm movement
  •  Suitable for foot & vehicle traffic
  •  Hydrophilic rubber seal (100% waterproof seal)
  •  High resistance to fuel & chemicals
  •  Complies with AS/1170.1:2002


  •  Water tight joint
  •  Guaranteed 100 year cycle life
  •  Rubber expands to create  seal
  •  Chemically stable
  •  High resistant to fuel and chemicals


  •  Driveways
  •  Swimming Pools
  •  Boardwalks
  •  Petrol Stations
  •  Tennis Courts
  •  Industrial warehouses
  •  Shopping Centres
  •  Car Parks
  •  Airports
  •  Malls
  •  Sporting Facilities