The Lesa SPEED BASKET system is a high-quality welded pre-fabricated dowel support assembly for use beneath sawn joints.

The system is designed to ensure that dowels are pre-set to height in a self-supporting frame and that the dowels are aligned and at the correct centre spacing, thus avoiding the potential for slab lock up.

The advantage of Lesa's SPEED BASKET system is that it takes the guesswork out of dowel alignment and offers rapid placement.

Lesa SPEED BASKETS have been used throughout Australasia for many years due to their simplicity, ease-of-use and affordability. All Lesa baskets are supplied to site fully assembled in standard lengths and are ready to install.

Dowels are supplied with sleeves which are designed to ensure effective dowel movement and maximise dowel efficiencies. Lesa Dowel Cradles are the preferred systems by engineers and contractors around the world. Lesa Dowel Cradles can be placed as the pour proceeds or laid out prior to the pour.

Our Speed baskets  can be manufactured with Lesa round dowels, square dowels or load plates at required diameters, length and centres to suit engineered slab design. Dowels are supplied in black steel, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised or fibreglass dowels,  with special lengths and sizes available to order.

Note: When using dowels in two directions ensure dowel sleeves with a lateral movement capability are specified. All Lesa SPEED BASKETS are fabricated with a temporary transit tie which requires cutting once in place. If in doubt, contact your local Lesa Systems representative for confirmation on the appropriate system for use.