Superior Performance Vapour Barrier

Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is specifically engineered to provide extremely low permeance, longevity, and durability. Our trade secret blend of prime virgin resins and additives combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes make the performance and consistency of Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier second to none.

The most specified and used Vapour Barrier in the United States of America now available in New Zealand. Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is made with our proven trade secret blend of prime virgin resins and additives. Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is an ASTM E 1745 Class A Vapour Barrier.

Against Floor Failures: Experts say “the need for a vapour barrier (as opposed to a vapour retarder) is becoming increasingly clear.”  Concrete Construction Magazine, August 2003, p.18. Infiltration of moisture through concrete slabs is a major building defect liability. Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier has an extremely low permeance preventing water vapour, soil gases (i.e. Radon), alkaline salts and soil sulfates from compromising the integrity of the building envelope and leading to serious problems with the concrete slab, floor coverings and indoor air quality.  Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is the best protection against these costly failures.

Thermamine 0.3mm versus our Stego .38mm product.

Features and Benefits

Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier is not made with recycled materials and will not degrade.  Prime, virgin resins are the key. Molecules within Stego Wrap "interlock" to provide strength, durability and unprecedented resistance to moisture vapour and radon gas. Stego Wrap’s puncture resistance is excellent. Stego Wrap will not tear, crack, flake, snag or puncture, even when 18,000 lb. laser-screed machines are driving directly across the barrier.

  • Unsurpassed permeance characteristics
  • Life of the building protection
  • Exceptional tear and puncture resistance
  • Easy, reliable installation
  • Competitively priced


Under Slab

Unroll Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier over an aggregate, sand or tampered earth base. Overlap all seams a minimum of 150mm (6inches) and tape using Stego Tape.
All penetrations must be sealed using a combination of Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier, Stego Tape and/or Stego Mastic.

Vertical Wall

Install Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier over the waterproofing membrane while still tacky. Mechanically fasten Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier to the wall at the top with termination bar and concrete nails.  Drape Stego Wrap Vapour Barrier down across the footer and under the french drain.